I am a multidisciplinary designer with a diverse range of easily transferable skills that allow me to learn and adapt quickly to new environments and face new design challenges.

Conceptual thinking generating unique and original ideas, at the same time ability to create practical designs.

Diverse approach of thinking that translates into great problem solving skills – enjoy the opportunity of developing and implementing effective solutions.

I am an honest individual with strong work ethics who can easily work within the team and is able to find a common ground but can also enjoy working independently.

I was born in Cristobal Colon, Ecuador, raised in Belgium, studied in the United Kingdom and shortly after decided to move to Warsaw, Poland and take up opportunities to work alongside architectural practices and freelance on a variety of projects and disciplines. I have now, after 7 years, relocated back to the UK to further my career as a 3D designer in various fields, for example, interiors, exhibitions and events, including VR.

I grew up in a multicultural environment and I believe this has shaped me to be very diverse and take inspiration from different sources. I studied interior and furniture design but I don’t necessarily follow written paths, I like to approach things from different perspectives and incorporate other design disciplines and workflows.


Cinema 4D + VRAY
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign