Who am I – What can I Offer

Interior and furniture designer by qualification with a multidisciplinary approach to my profession.
I like to combine different design disciplines and workflows to bring unique concepts.

After all, what is the purpose of good design? To attract, engage and connect with people.
To impress and make your audience feel special.

I am driven by trying to discover the magic balance between the time, quality and cost. The design
concept is a good start, but these are the factors that influence the concept and its realisation.

I am an honest individual with strong work ethics who can easily work within the team and is able to
find a common ground but also enjoys working independently.



Software Knowledge

3ds Max / Cinema4D / Vray / Vectorworks  / Photoshop / Illustrator / InDesign

Other interesting facts:


I was born in Ecuador, raised in Belgium, studied in the United Kingdom, lived in Greece and Poland for some time, now back in London. In the meantime, my parents moved to Portugal! I grew up in a multicultural environment, and I believe this shaped me somehow to be very diverse and take inspiration from different sources.

Grand rules of mine

Authenticity – be genuine & honest.
Humbleness – be open & respectful.
Drive – strive to improve, always! Never stop learning.


I used to own a workshop in Warsaw, Poland where I was busy with furniture making and restoration which enabled me to not only master up my carpentry skills but as well gain a tremendous knowledge about materials.
I have also designed and built unique pieces for a chain restaurant, and exhibition stands in Warsaw. Check them out!


I like to observe and most of the time observation turns into assessment and new interpretation of ideas. Inspiration can come from any situation in your life and often unpredictable. Conversations with my clients can provide lots of inspiration as well. The fact that someone challenges you, provokes you and questions your way of thinking, leads you directly to new ideas.

Approach to design

Listen and connect, to answer the client’s needs and deliver projects with personality and soul and with something that the client can identify with.

Discover designs tailored to your taste and tell me your story!