The Brief:

To design a modular exhibition stand that would give the client a flexibility to arrange the modules freely while attending various trade shows to suit different display areas.
The client also asked us to create a space that would be easily be identified with their brand.

The Solution:

It was imperative for us to create a unique display that would stand out from the competition and catch the attention of potential buyers. The design represents the handmade approach with great emphasis on the craftsmanship. We spent hours testing different formulas for the cladding on the units trying to achieve that rustic look while maintaining consistency. It almost felt like in the chemistry laboratory, but it worked! Another piece that is worth having a closer look at is the WeBrew logo made from hundreds of tiny pieces of recycled wood. All cut to match the brand logo of course.

We have included plenty of the WeBrew office features in our design to ensure that the brand is easily recognisable. First of all, I incorporated a minimalistic approach. Not only because this is the approach I appreciate in the majority of my designs but as well due to the fact the client’s office has been completed by a Scandinavian interior architect. Other details include navy and broken white brand colours, plants to capture the green living wall in the WeBrew office and finally some office furniture pieces like benches.

Design/Build: Juan Murphy, Fitouthome

Completion: April 2016

Visualisation: Juan Murphy, 3ds max, Vray, Photoshop

Photographer: Ignacy Matuszewski

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